Occupational Depression

by A New Machine

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ANM is:
Ryan Eaton-Guitar/Alcoholic
Collin Scali-Bass/Vocals/Pathetic
Devon Odette-Drums/Extremist
Produced by Mike "Gearhead" Tkacyk
With help from Andy Middaugh

Quit your life, work forever


released April 15, 2017



all rights reserved


A New Machine Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Track Name: Alcoholism is Next to Godliness
Don't get too comfortable
There's a war in the streets
There's a war in your head
And there's no end in sight
I'm always falling asleep on the bomb
Traveled through years of blood, that was never my own
We fight the "good" fight, from the safe side of the screen
I'm always falling asleep on the bomb
When the war in the streets dies
We can always rely on the war at home
When our sacred numbers near zero
We can always just fuck out some more
Track Name: Occupational Depression (Failure)
Getting kinky with a blunt dagger
Tapping into dry veins
Where has the blood gone?
Sucked dry, by the constant stagnant stimulation
Of trying to maintain a human life
Days measured, in shifts lifelessly hauled to the grave
Days calculated, into substances abused
Overwrought with occupational depression
Where has the time gone?
Nihilistic blade to the humanistic stone
Sharpen your daze
Hand in hand with the reaper
We lifelessly fuck, until the sun explodes
Track Name: Alcohol Apocalypse
Come on baby, get with it
Too passive for these aggressive times
Get with it
Not enough hollow eyes
In the walls of your apartment
Every moment is dying to be shared
And to be skinned
Then become the next farce of a fashion statement
We're losing the ever expanding war
Of self-involvement
The toxic blood of these beautiful nothingness
Spills over our forgotten planet
Smears every trace of what is imminent
Come on baby, cut off your face
Make a flag, raise it high and sordidly proud
Wage the war against the electronic guilt faith
Make these diseased followers
Death will always find you...and fuck you too!
Stand free and vote for the guillotine
Smashing bottles at the mortuary
The alcohol apocalypse is imminent
Get the fuck with it
Track Name: Oh Yeah, I Forgot That the Only Reason Worth Living is Alcohol
Obsessed with the morbidity of killing time
It's unforgiving, abyssal, certainty
No way to escape
Unless you meet halfway, with a bottle and a blade
Obsessed with the morbidity of killing time
Digging through it's perverted entrails
Trying to find assuagement
In the corpse of your history
Well maybe if I drink some more wine
Maybe if I look inside myself... with a sharpened crucifix
Well maybe if I burn down another church
Maybe if I do some more fucking coke
Where is the fucking solace
In the incomprehensible chasm of infinite black we call life?
Settle down kid...
Track Name: 9-5 (Get Drunk and Kill Yourself)
That's it, I'm removing the flesh
Every bit of this oversexualized shame
Start the trend of being self-skinned
I'm ripping out this North American tongue
That the culture machine forced in
Burn down this place of monotony ridden work
With every paying animal in it
One last chance
One last hit for all these addicts of the past
Clean up their conflicted lives
By erasing them completely
I can't wait to forget what meaning is
Our history screams
With meaningless attached agony
As it fucking turns to ashes
No more degrading social importance
That's it, I'm going to make a waking difference
Put in my two weeks to the abyss
Work until my flesh grips the bone
As tightly as I hold this bottle
Cock this loaded escape from the 9-5
That's it, end this on a positive note
I'm gonna get drunk and kill myself