by A New Machine

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Mostly recorded live off the floor at Broke Toker Studio with help from Bob Stuff and Gearhead, it'll ruin your life it's TRVE NORTHERN SCVMBAGS.


released May 7, 2016

Screams/Bass/Piece of Shit - Collin Scali
Guitar/Pilsner murderer - Ryan Eaton
Drums/Butt Plugs/Bernie Sanders - Devon O'Dette



all rights reserved


A New Machine Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Track Name: "Speaking of People Who'd Fuck Their Grandmother's Bones"
Nobody really wants to breathe fresh air
So we erect factories in their homes
Born and bred in smoke
Replace the blood with oil
On our knees, we pray to the industrialist god
“Please, let me be hip”
Pump out two kids and put them to work
And he’ll consider the notion (denied)
Go to the sexy coffee shops and buy whisky on the rocks
(Ignore your thoughts)
Smoke exotic cigarettes with the finest formaldehyde
(Constantly jerk off)
Nobody really wants equality
So we turn their homes into chapels
Born and bred for suicide
Replace the brain with morals
Tell the gays their special
Tell the religious heathens, god is dead
Tell the working class, cops rape their fucking kids
Turn the tv on and let the war begin
The only solution to our endless suburban problems
…is one nuclear bomb
Track Name: Strip/Scream/Repeat
Our masters congregated at the Sistine Brothel
Waiting to be defined
Dispersing our heavy ordnance
They said wait for the end of the era
So we sat, legs open, make it bleed
Slave driver nirvana
Perpetuate this heaven
They must cheer when a heathen is executed
And mourn the loss of their flesh peddlers
Our masters bathe in aged scotch
And wear suits made of our ancestor's flesh
How despicable
How immoral
That should be me
We all want to drink foreign oil
We all want to watch each other die
One syllable, one nation under god
One gun to a rebel's head, one extravagant orgasm of death
Now a word from our sponsor
KILL (devour, mutilate, believe)
Waiting to be defined
Track Name: Who Let This Pig Steal My Joint? ...I Thought he Was Bred for the Slaughterhouse
My apathetic life is cherried
Toke away on all your broken hopes
Stoned, numb, full clip of god in my gun
I wander
Came from a foreign void
To this nuclear wasteland, I heard the bombs
I heard the bombs were gonna lay this trash to sleep
Kiss on the cheek
Everyone is dead
And nobody cares
Instead I am greeted
Sign here, stay current
And Satan sings
You’re fucked, welcome to misery
You’re home, welcome to the struggle
Came from a foreign void
Black lungs can’t finish what they created
Hit what they hit because the bong is sewn to your lips
So high (ignorant)
And I can already feel my brains on the concrete
And I can already feel the knife in my bloodstream
So high (ignorant)
Their drugs make me sick
Drugs make me healthy/acceptable/everything that I ever wanted
Doesn’t it feel great to never really be here at all
Doesn’t it feel great to be the pinnacle of synthetic life
Was there ever even a journey?
So high (ignorant)
Track Name: Faggot Fear
Your Virility is being questioned
Your gender is up in limbo
What harlot will fuck me now?
Here in the abode of unbaptized infants
Lust for war begins
Annihilate the conscious
Fear of going limp
Lust for war is sterile
Every troop is full of pride
(Every troop signed up to die)
Every troop was beaten as a child
(Every troop holds it all inside)
Fighting for your father's vanity
We will rape the American dream
Wake Up
Dead arise
Look deep within the mirror
That knife is gonna fuck your virgin throat
Track Name: Trve Northern Scvmbags
Eat shit and die
Track Name: Put a Couple of Beer in me and all of a Sudden I Have a Reason to Live
The bi product of a society that is hell-bent on suicide
What once was beautiful and clean
Now reeks of humankind, raped then modernized
It was under god's will
It was for the good of the race
So beautiful and selfish
No real needs
Was existence ever meant to last?
The bi product of the never growing children who continuously infect and spread
They are everywhere
They are eating other
Watch. Masturbate. Procreate.
Finally home
Finally alone
The trees cover the view of the machines
Yet still, horrible Images cover my eyes
Sex and blood
Electronic existence
Words, shit, vomit, become it.
Take a bite out of those veins.
Everything is fine
Commercial Break
I'm in love now
I thrive on alcohol
Track Name: I'll Cut my Dick Off and Send it to You in the Mail
Down beneath the streets
Oppression absent
Weapons dormant
Sweaty booze soaked Denim
Against smoke stained leather
Tattoos, patches, and heroin
Here we rape freedom
No gods and no fucking television
We gather for the beating
And every note incinerates our obligations
All the social stimualtion and sexual frustration
Every agonizing, meaningless paid moment
And daily defined constructed boredom
Is Deflowered
The man with the mic is picking off its pedals
So we may consume them and drown them in alcohol
Our tradition is defiance
(and will remain for as long as we exist)
Soon the sun will rise
Soon the water will boil
The lust will come back
And I won't kill my kids
As long as we meet again
Track Name: Post-Nihilism for the Average Scvmbag
Further north I go.
In search of that true scum.
Cast out.
Pass out.
Family of rats, turned into insects.
Too young to decompose.
So I left.
Further north I go.
In search of that true hell.
Heaven's angels bear false weapons.
Continuously stabbed by impurity.
Where has all the good hatred gone?
Me and my droogs.
Us and our impatience.
Frozen corpses rest all along this path.
Cannibalism pays off.
Get off.
Flesh lust.
Town full of bones.
Where is the city by the river of blood?
I've dreamt of the taste of pure intentions.
Travelling for what seems like a lifetime.
Slaving away for what seems like nothing.
Christian brothers into satanic addicts.
Flies become maggots.
Time into sand.
Time into sand.
But never into glass
All my friends are dead
So further north I go
All my friends are dead
I had a talk with death and he said
He said go south
So I slit my fucking throat
Track Name: Ritual Violence (Ritual Masturbation)
No use in hiding the disgust with an apathetic resignation
Put a valley in between
Said you can’t remember its face
Said you’re beyond the depravity of skin
You and the hate
It only makes you look smaller
Pull out your knife
Whip out your sexuality
Time to give in
To the sacred human tradition
Ritual violence (ritual masturbation)
Blood pours down your leg
Cover the floor with your subconscious
Electronic mirror staring back
You fit in, you've found your place
I found my place within the obituaries
Right next to some political scare tactics
Just above a sale on religion
Neatly wrapped in a world’s worth of melancholic bullshit
Pull out your knife
Take off your skin
Time to open wide
And let their words in
It’s a sacred human tradition
Ritual Violence (ritual masturbation)
Track Name: The Death of Scvmbag Heaven
Soulless empty needle longing for the want
And nobody sells existence by the gram anymore
Snag the whole bag of life choices or slowly wither in part-time distractions
Not prepared to devour the host
So the saviour devours you
God obnoxiously kicking your feet towards the grave
God yearns to drag your corpse back to life
Bastard is still resentful after all these eons
Can’t blame him (I didn’t want to be brought into existence either)
Endlessly (longing for new kicks)
BOOZE, grew too old for it to be legal
VIOLENCE, was morbidly obese
DRUGS, were an obvious cancer
SUICIDE wanted me but I’m a little bitch
RELIGION, could hardly pass as entertainment
LOVE was beautiful, but the high always ends in sadness
MONEY, was overly abusive
POWER, was petty and tasteless
Endlessly longing for new kicks
I stabbed music in the back
I wore its flesh around town
And nobody could tell
I wanna die like this, covered in the smell of rot
In the center of the forest
Away from the melancholic mainstream
Longing for new kicks